Is it Safe to Create Your Last Will Online?

With all the great software for creating your last will and testament online, there’s no reason to continue to leave your assets and family exposed.

If you’re reading this, you probably haven’t yet decided if creating a will online is right for you, or if you have, you aren’t sure which online provider is right for your needs.

Is It Safe To Create Your Last Will Online?

It is absolutely safe, and legal, to create your will online…if you use a reputable provider.

A word about legality of wills drafted online.  It is perfectly legal to draft your will online.  The state does not care how your will was created–software, typewriter, word processor, etc.  What matters is that your will is in writing, signed by you, and signed by the requisite number of witnesses (this varies by state). A will drafted online, and then printed and signed by the testator (the person’s whose will it is), and by witnesses, and which otherwise conforms to state law, will be legally binding. free wills to

However, while it is legal to have your will created online, that doesn’t mean you can trust just anyone to do it. There are flimsy companies out there who advertise “will drafting” services at absurdly low rates–$15, 10, even free.

You have to wonder how they make money doing that. Some make money by sucking you in with a low advertised price, and then sell you all kinds of add-ons until the total price is higher than that of the more reputable ones. Others just want your personal data to spam you, or to sell it to other marketers.

However, if you use a reputable, large, stable company, there are no problems getting your simple will created online. These companies use encrypted communications to protect your private data, and charge fair rates for their services which save you hundreds or even thousands compared with using a lawyer.

By charging reasonable rates, they can stay in business without sneaky up-sells or spamming or data mining.

Who Can You Trust to Draft Your Simple Will Online?

When it comes to legal, tax, or accounting work, I don’t like to experiment.

It’s one thing to download a screensaver from an unknown startup, it’s another thing to let them draft a document as important as a will.

Therefore, I only recommend the biggest players in the industry, who have been around for years and who are not only online, but have a presence in the real world.

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