Mazda – The Hope of the Rotary Engine

Models of the Mazda:

From the past time, Mazda had been known as the future of the sports car and their engines. Some of the few developed cars in the past were Mazda RX2, RX3, RX4, and RX7 and now the latest version is the Mazda RX8 which is best known for the successful rotator engines. Another point of success of the Mazda Company is the new Mazda 16x Rotary Engine which is well known for its combustion engine. The main feature of the engines of the Mazda is the compact design and fantastic power to weight ratio. And this all features are available in just the capacity of the 1.6 Liters.

Features of the engines of the Mazda:

The new name of the rotary engine of the Mazda is known as the “long-stroke rotary engine.” In early times, the company was dealing with the 13V rotary engine which has the displacement of the 1300cc and the capacity was 1.3 Liters. Now the latest models of the Mazda are having the engines of displacement value of 1600cc which is 800cc x 2 and the capacity is 1.6 liters. used auto parts

Another interesting fact about the latest engines of the Mazda is that the engines are larger than the size of 13B engines but the weight is less. The main reason behind this is that the side housings are made up of aluminum.

The main motto of the company is to provide the greater thermal efficiency. This means that the super models of the car will be created by the company and also the engines will be having the increase torque which will increase the speed of the car. The torque can be increased by increasing the thermal efficiency of the engines. Rotary engines are the engines which are known for the low torque. Besides this, the Mazda is providing the feature of the Direct Fuel injection. And the compared rate of this feature is also less.

Another great thing is that the harmful emissions of the car will also will be reduced and also the power will be slightly increased as compared to the engines of the 13B which are common multi-point fuel injected engines. This results in the leaning of the are-fuel mixture and also improves the condition of the rotaries which usually get flooded with the dirt from streets and roads.

The main achievement of the company is to generate the sporty and light engines of 1.3 Liter and that too of 13B. But the main thing from the customer’s point of view is that the Mazda has still not launched the engine is the market. Till now, only a prototype of the model had been launched which is going under testing conditions.


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